Chris Kanyon Backstage Heat, Alex Shelley's Gimmick, More News

Chris Kanyon is said to be under some pretty big heat with TNA at the moment after he posted part of a TNA contract on his "MySpace" account recently. Kanyon printed part of the contract online to explain why he made the decision to not work an iMPACT! taping a few weeks ago. TNA was said to be very upset that Kanyon would publicize the terminology of one of their contracts online. Although other reports have claimed that TNA was so upset that they banned him from visiting backstage at Universal Studios in Orlando, FL, others say it hasn't gone that far, but that he still isn't a very popular person among TNA brass.

TNA reportedly has a lot of plans for Alex Shelley's "camera" gimmick. The company already hinted at a possible feud with AJ Styles at the Destination X PPV.

According to reports, Andy Douglas of The Naturals was punished by TNA for no-showing a scheduled booking with Hermie Sadler's UWF promotion in Virginia.

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