Daniel Puder Update, SNME, RAW Spoiler, & More News

Former WWE Tough Enough winner Daniel Puder won his MMA fight last night in San Jose, CA.

Entertainment Weekly's TV section has a little blurb about next Saturday's return of "Saturday Night's Main Event" to network TV. It seems to be written without actually knowing the announced matches as it states that Randy Orton and John Cena are "expected to participate", but HHH apparently plans to "steal the show", and here's how he says he plans on that doing that: "I'll come out in skimpy trunks and wow everybody. That's what impressive about me...though if I'd want to impress people, I wouldn't wear anything at all."

WWE Stocks closed the week at 16.80 yesterday, a 1.82% increase over Thursday's closing. The day's range was 16.44 – 16.86.

USA Network's 'Nashville Star' co-host Cowboy Troy will be making an appearance this coming Monday on RAW in Beaumont, TX. His appearance will be done just in time to promote the fourth season of the show, starting Tuesday at 10PM EST.

The St. Cloud Times posted an article about Larry "The Axe" Hennig, and his wrestling legacy. It mentions the passing of his son Curt Hennig in 2003 due to cocaine use, but Hennig says that would have been out of character for his son.