Fairplay-TNA Update, Morgan Not Signing, Daniels, & More

On his MySpace.com blog, Jonny Fairplay noted the following about not being booked for the upcoming TNA house show in Virginia "TNA is running house shows in MY home town. They even called my soon to be step dad to pay for advertising. Hmmm, I'm not on the show! Are you f***g kidding me? You contact MY mom's fianc? and ask him to be the MAJOR advertiser on your show and don't book me? You run a show in MY hometown and don't book me? Wow, I guess I now officially know my contract status with TNA!" There were rumblings that he may be returning so who knows.


Despite recent talks, TNAWrestlingNews.com is reporting that TNA will not being signing former WWE superstar Matt Morgan at the current time.

Christopher Daniels in profiled in the Miami Herald today. It's basically to hype up Sunday's Ultimate X match. https://www.miami.com/mld/miamiherald/sports/wrestling/14060582.htm

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