Hall Of Fame News, The Dicks, Rosey, Striker & More

Credit: PWInsider.com

The WWE Hall of Fame will air in Canada on TSN on Monday April 8 at 8 PM.

The Dicks appeared at the Ohio Valley Wrestling TV taping last night. They are working through their 90 day no compete, likely to put over developmental talents.

Matt Striker was on the WB Channel 11's morning show yesterday in New York City. Striker noted that he taught Social Studies in High School for New York City before signing his WWE deal. In explaining the controversy that ended up landing him a WWE contract, Striker said, "Someone in a position of power had a problem with me because I was the 'cool teacher' or so I was told." He referred to it as a "witch hunt" and said he was advised to resign because if he was fired, that could have cost him his teaching license. Striker said that his one saving grace was his relationship with his former students and knowing that he's inspired them.

Rosey will be appearing at Georgetown, Ohio for the Heartland Wrestling Association this Saturday. Tommy Dreamer, Jerry Lawler, and Simon Dean are appearing for Northeast Wrestling in Bristol, CT on March 25.