Helms Confirms Which WWE MySpaces Are Legit

Gregory Helms updated his MySpace page, with a list of WWE wrestlers who are the real deals and not people faking on MySpace. He has listed only WWE wrestlers:

www.myspace.com/gshelms (Gregory Helms)
www.myspace.com/ashleymizassaro (Ashley Massaro)
www.myspace.com/johncenasspace (John Cena)
www.myspace.com/Announcer (Justin Roberts, announcer)
www.myspace.com/kristalmarshall (Kristal Marshall)
www.myspace.com/2bmeprinceofpunk (Shannon Moore)
www.myspace.com/steviecorp (Stevie Richards)

Stevie Richards has several photos on his Myspace, which includes TNA and indy wrestlers, including Samoa Joe, Donavan Morgan, and "the Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels who is wearing a bWo t-shirt. Richards also has Christopher Daniels' TNA theme music as his music on his Myspace page.