Holly-WWE Update, Steve Austin's New Project, Cena, & More

- The budget for Steve Austin's "The Condemned" WWE movie project is $20 million. It is scheduled for to begin filming this spring in Australia.

- John Cena's "The Marine" is scheduled for a 9/29 release.


- IGN.com posted an interview with Carlito.

- Showtime's Women's channel is currently airing "Lipsticks And Dynamite," which of course features the ageless ones – Mae Young and the Fabulous Moolah.

- from Adam Lebow: Over on the USANetwork website, they have been keeping a complete Win-Loss Standings Record of all superstars that have appeared on Raw this year. It also includes the wrestlers last match on Monday Night Raw. The list is available at https://www.usanetwork.com/sports/wwe/theshow/standings/index_2006.html (it does not yet include Raw from yesterday). The worst record of 0-2 is tied 4 ways with Eugene, Val Venis, Snitksy and Rob Conway. Other notables on the list include Jerry Lawler (loss to Coach in Rumble qualifier) Kurt Angle (moved to Smackdown), and both Shane and Vince McMahon (pinning Shawn). On the women's side, Ashley is
4-2 although it does state she broke her leg in the Battle Royal.


- Hardcore Holly is currently hospitalized with an infection in his elbow stemming from surgery a few weeks back. He is expected to return home on Wednesday.

- WWE hopeful Talia is listed in Maxim's Hometown hotties contest.