Hulk Hogan & Family Speak On Hogan Knows Best, nWo & More

Credit: & Thomas Donnelly

Hulk Hogan and family appeared at XM Radio's Opie and Anthony's St. Patrick's Day live show (hosted by Opie, Anthony, Patrice O'Neal, Rich Vos, Bill Burr) in New York City's Hard Rock Caf? (former WWE NY) today in front of live standing room only crowd.


The Hogans were there to promote the debut of Hogan Knows Best. After appearing on stage, Brooke was immediately greeted by a chant from the thousands there imploring her to remove some clothing. She declined. Hulk let everyone know that in a couple of months she will turn 18 and be "street legal" so everyone get ready. Hulk then offered his wife Linda up to the crowd to appease them, but she backed down. Hulk said if she "dropped her bombs" on the crowd, the place would go nuts. Hulk said in 22 years of marriage they've never had a fight and are very happy.

Hulk stated that he went to the Hard Rock when it was WWE NY to eat when he was in the NWO and was upset that he didn't see one Hulk picture, but that things have been smoothed over since. Opie and Anthony noted they were personally picked by Vince McMahon years ago to host the live XFL pregame shows from the joint, and were sarcastically appreciative of that disaster. Hulk said that wasn't a good train to jump on.


Hulk said we can look forward to Nick hanging out with 18 and 19 year old models on the upcoming season of Hogan Knows Best, and that the camera crew became friends with the family so it reached a point where the family forgot they were even there.

Twitchels, a wacky character that appears on the Opie and Anthony show every now and then was brought out to meet Hulk as he is a big fan. Twitchels is a stand up comedian who has Terrets Syndrome. When someone says "jump," Twitchels physically must jump. So of course, Hulk joined right in and began yelling jump.

Hulk was asked if he was approached about being in the upcoming Rocky movie, Rocky Balboa. He wasn't, as he feels that Sylvester Stallone was tired of answering questions about Thunderlips when Rocky III came out. Hulk noted that they are good friends and that Sly inducted Hulk into the Hall of Fame last year.

Hulk then started tearing off his shirt for the crowd and posing (prompted by Linda to do so), as the place erupted in Hogan chants. Anthony noted that this guy really knows how to work a crowd. Opie then said it was Brooke's turn, and the crowd went even crazier, but all she obviously ended up doing was tossing her father's shirt into the crowd.


The appearance ended with Hulk noting how impressive a following Opie and Anthony have and how happy he was to have had the opportunity to appear at their event.

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