Hulk Hogan Speaks On Wrestling Again, Brooke Hogan & More

Credit: Dave Galvan

Hulk Hogan and daughter Brooke appeared on The Best Damn Sports Show Period last night. There was a big Hogan chant when they came out.

They discussed the reality show, joking about the problems with finding the proper tampons. Hulk was asked if there were any embarrassing moments that ended up on the cutting room floor and he said that in season one when he and Linda went to the hotel for the weekend he drank too much Kristal champagne, forgot the cameras were there and were dancing around naked on the rooftop.


They talked about Brooke growing up and how Hulk scares boys away. Hulk says she's still a minor. Brooke says not for long. She said that there must be a couple of good guys in the audience. Hulk said not to trust any of them. Brooke also mentioned that she doesn't watch her dad's action movies, but she does like Mr. Nanny.

They asked Hogan if he was going to wrestle again and he says that he still trains everyday, but that he's 53, not 21, and moved on quickly to say that Brooke finally got a record deal after 5 years, and that his son Nick (who was in the audience with Linda) has been signed by Dodge to drive a Viper in drift racing.

They asked some fact or fiction questions about the Hulkster:


1) Hulk saved Mr. T's life with the Heimlich maneuver – Fiction (Brooke said fact)
2) Hulkster released an album in 1995 – Fact (Brooke got that one)
3) Hulk opened an Italian restaurant in Minnesota – Fact ( Brooke right again)
4) Hulk spent the night in a Russian prison – Fiction ( Brooke got that one as well)

There was absolutely no wrestling talk, no mention of the Hall of Fame or WM 22. The whole appearance was centered around the reality show.