Hulk Hogan Threatens To Walk Off Howard Stern Show

Hulk Hogan Threatens To Walk Off Howard Stern Show

Hulk Hogan And Family Visit. 03/16/06. 7:50am

After the break Howard brought in Hulk Hogan and his daughter Brooke. Howard told her to lose her dad when he saw her. Hulk walked out when he heard that but he came right back in. Howard told them that it was great to see them and said that he always hears Hulk on Bubba's show. Hulk said that he's glad that Howard and Bubba finally made up because a few years ago it was like World War III. Howard said it may have been with Bubba but he didn't remember having much of a war.

Howard said he remembers hearing Bubba yelling about him on the air but he wasn't aware that he was in a war with the guy. Robin said she remembers being in the same room with Bubba before they met and she just wanted the guy to shut up as well.

Howard said that Bubba and Hulk are really seem to be in love with each other. Hulk said that his wife calls them a couple of homos because they spend so much time together. He told Howard that now that he and Bubba have hooked up, they're going to be invincible.

Howard got back to Brooke and said that it's admirable that Hulk is trying to help her be successful but he seems to be obsessed with it. Hulk told Howard that there are a lot of people out there who want to screw people over so he's trying to help her out. Hulk said that he really wants Brooke to be successful in the singing career and she's obsessed with it as well. He said his son is into race car driving and he's got a contract with Mopar already and he's only 15 years old.

Howard said that Hulk has a GPS device hooked up in Brooke's car so he can keep track of her. He told Brooke that she looks older than 17 as well so that doesn't help things out. Howard said that Brooke must be sexually active but she says that she's not. Hulk was ready to walk out if they insisted on talking about that stuff. Howard wondered when Hulk is going to be able to accept something like that. Hulk said he's getting better at accepting it but he's still got to work on it. Howard said that he's spoken to his daughters about it so he has the ability to talk about stuff like that.

Brooke told Howard that she's coming out and admitting that she's still a virgin. Howard asked her about dating Aaron Carter. She said she was only 14 at the time and he was trouble so she didn't stay with him for long. She said that her father is just now letting her start to date. Howard said that at some point Brooke is going to rebel and go nuts. Hulk said he doesn't believe that will happen. He said that if she does have sex with someone, he's not going to totally flip out, he's still going to love her to death.

Hulk said that Howard has him sweating over this stuff. Howard told Hulk that a perfect example of something like this is Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey getting married. Jessica was not experienced with men and she got married too quick. He thinks that this might happen with Brooke. He suggested that Brooke might want to have a few men before she does go out and get married.

Brooke said that she has kissed guys and Howard wanted to know more about what she's done but Hulk was very uncomfortable with talking about that stuff. Hulk said that he's starting to get worried about his son Nick who is only 15 years old. He's already a player according to Hulk. Howard asked him if he's getting laid yet. Hulk said he could ask him if he wanted to because he was right outside. The guys brought Nick in a minute later and when Howard asked him about getting laid, he asked to talk about racing cars.

Nick told Howard that he wasn't talking about getting laid and Howard took that as meaning he had gotten laid. Hulk was smiling as if he were very proud of him. Howard said he must feel great when he knows that his kids is out there getting chicks. Hulk was telling Howard that his wife is pretty wild in bed. That led to Brooke saying that she walked in on them one time and saw them having sex. Hulk was sweating as he heard about this stuff.

Brooke said that when she was about 5 years old she walked in on them banging in her room one time. She said she kind of knew what was going on but her mother told her that they were just wrestling. Nick said they left the intercom system on in the house one time and they could all hear them doing it. He said that Brooke could hear it through her intercom and told him to come in and listen. She wasn't able to turn the intercom off so it was going throughout the whole house.

Hulk's wife Linda came in the studio a short time later. Howard asked her if she had implants when she walked in. She gave him a peek and told him that they came from Beverly Hills so they aren't real. She was also saying that Hulk is great in bed and they wouldn't have stayed together for 22 years if he wasn't great in bed.

Hulk told Howard that when he first met Bubba the Love Sponge he really hated him and what he was doing on the show. They eventually became friends because it turns out Bubba is a really nice guy. Linda said that Bubba was a huge fan of Hulk's. They spent a few minutes talking about Bubba's huge arms and how he's lost a lot of weight over the past few years.

Howard asked Hulk about the WWE and what's going on with that. There was a time when Hulk and Vince McMahon weren't getting along and Hulk couldn't even use the Hulk Hogan name. He had to be called Hollywood Hogan. Hulk explained to Howard what went on there and how he eventually made a deal to go back to the WWE. He said that there was some controversy over steroids and the government thought that Vince was pushing his guys to use them when he wasn't.

Howard asked Hulk about teaching Bubba to shave himself down. Hulk said he never told him to shave his balls or asshole like Howard was saying. Linda said that Hulk does keep himself very clean down there. She said that she likes the way he keeps it down there but the kids were looking like they were grossed out by the discussion according to Howard.

Hulk and Howard spent a short time talking about the steroid use. Hulk said that it's wrong in real competitions to use that stuff but when you have something like wrestling, it's not that big of a deal. Howard gave Hulk a plug for his show 'Hogan Knows Best' that has it's season premiere this Sunday at 10 on VH1. Howard talked to Hulk about the great money that Hulk was making as a wrestler. Hulk said he kind of misses the wrestling and the last time he did it was back in August. He said that he will be

Linda was telling Howard about having sex with Hulk and she was very forthcoming with her stories, unlike Hulk. Howard asked her if she knows what's really going on with Brooke and keeps that from Hulk. Hulk asked what he f–k he doesn't know. Linda said that he may or may not know about her kissing boys and stuff like that. She said that she knows that Brooke is still a virgin though. Brooke said her mother shares stories about her sexual encounters too.

Bubba was on the phone and said that he didn't call in, they called him. He said that they're really killing Hulk by bringing all of this stuff up. Brooke told 'Uncle Bubba' that she really misses him. Bubba told Howard that he would never look at her in the way Howard thinks he would. He said that they actually tell her to put more clothes on when she's around sometimes. Howard figures Bubba is having sexual thoughts about her but Bubba said he's seen her grow up for about 10 years so he doesn't look at her in that way. Howard asked Hulk if Bubba could date his daughter. Hulk said that Bubba would never do that because he has a lot of respect for his family.

Robin mentioned that James Woods is dating a 19 year old daughter of a good friend of his so Bubba dating Brooke wouldn't be that far of a stretch. Howard told Brooke that she really has to cover up around Bubba. Brooke asked Bubba what she should say when Howard asks her about having sex. Howard didn't think that was that crazy of a question to ask because girls her age usually have some experience.

Howard gave Hulk and his family another plug for their TV show and asked if it's wreaking havoc on their lives. Hulk said that he was using the cameras to his advantage for a while. Now they've become friendly with the camera crews and they really treat them like family.

Brooke was telling Howard that they had a cute cameraman who accidentally walked in on her when she was totally nude one time. She said that it kept happening over and over again and Hulk said he didn't know about that. Hulk said that he was going to '...kill that f–kin' Josh.' Brooke said that she thinks he liked seeing her nude. Artie said that was kind of obvious and if the guy was ugly, he'd probably be in jail by now.

Howard took a call from a guy who asked if it was true that this guy Don Vito touched Brooke's breast one time and Hulk had to beat him up. Brooke said that was true and she was only 16 years old at the time. Howard said that was outrageous and no one should be touching women without their permission. Hulk said he went over to the guy and whacked him on the side of the head and he was bleeding.

Gary asked Brooke how that Grammy crasher guy Sixx got to be her fashion designer. She said that he's not, but he wanted to be. Howard played some of Hulk's music from years ago. Howard was goofing on him a little bit but Hulk was saying that he did the songs for a kid who passed away when he was at an event that the Make-A-Wish foundation had set up. Howard felt bad for making fun of the songs if that's the case.

Howard asked Hulk about his career and if he can believe he's where he's at now. Hulk said that many of his old friends are dead now and it's amazing where he got to doing this stuff. He told Howard that his brother is dead as well. He was part of the Hell's Angels out in California and got into drugs and stuff out there. Howard asked him if he's ever beaten a man to death. Hulk said he did beat up a guy in Japan one time and almost didn't get out of the country because the guy was in a coma.

Howard asked Hulk about the time he dropped Richard Belzer on his head. Hulk told the whole story about how that came about and how he got pissed at Belzer when he said that wrestling wasn't real and then asked Hulk to put him in a wrestling hold. He ended up putting him in a move that made him pass out and then dropped him on his head. He's not proud of that though, he said it never should have happened.

Hulk said that he got into something with John Stossel one time and ended up slapping him in the head. He said things were kind of crazy back then. Howard wrapped up after that because Gary told him that they really had to get out of there because they have places to go. Howard went to commercial after that.