Jeff Jarrett Update Injury From TNA Destination X

Credit: Mike Johnson Of

During the show ending segment on TNA Destination X PPV tonight, Jeff Jarrett appeared to suffer some type of injury to his leg, which was why he was sitting at the end of the night while hitting Sting with his guitar. Jarrett began clutching his left knee after being placed in the Sharpshooter. As his Army beat down Sting, Jarrett remained sitting in the ring and didn't take part in the beating. TNA's cameras focused away from Jarrett as well. Jarrett had to slide over to Sting, with the help of America's Most Wanted, to get into position for the guitar shot.

After Destination X went off the air, Jarrett was helped out of the ring and carried to the back. He did not walk out under his own power. I was told that once he returned to the locker room, Jarrett appeared to be OK so he was either selling or it was a minor injury.