Live Notes From WrestleMania 22 Press Conference

Thanks to Dr. Keith Lipinski for the following report:

Lots of Media there. CNN Showbiz Tonight was there and they should have Cena, HHH, Angle, Mysterio and a few others on very soon, maybe as soon as tonight. Mancow (of WCW vs. Jimmy Hart fame and Q101) was also there and did an interview with HHH, Angle, and Mysterio. HHH noted the baby is due on his birthday (oh!) and they don't know the sex because they want to be SURPRISED~! "There's not a whole lot of surprises left in the world." Telemundo (which did Spanish interviews with Carlito and Rey), Channel 7 (ABC station which is right across the street), TV Guide channel were also there doing interviews along with the Chicago Tribune, some other newspaper and smaller radio stations.


There was a huge mob of people, there was maybe 100 in the second floor of the Chicago Theatre (they only had the lobby to have the conference), including several infants. I did not see any sleeping bags as Michael Cole alluded to during the press conference. However, there was a helluva lot of people outside waiting to get in. I think they wanted to broadcast the conference to the outside mob, but the cops put a stop to that.

Press Conference Notes
-Cole got the start time wrong right away and of course mentioned the SPECIAL START TIME~! At least 7 times during the press conference. Question, they know this is going to start early for the entire year, why do they want 7 days before to tell us about it? Is it because of daylight savings time?


-Coach brought up Shane's dive at backlash, which hopefully means nothing..

-JBL (who meantioned Race and Thesz in his promo) getting up and just leaving as soon as he was done talking which greatly disappointed the person I was sitting next to, who is part of the group bringing the warrior to speak at depaul next week and wanted to talk politics. I was upset I couldn't talk media with him. Oh yeah, the "wrestling god" _expression is OVER! And he wants the match with Benoit to go on last so they can "tear the ring down"

-Carlito did not spit the apple as it was in his hand for the entire show, also he had a look of confusion when someone mentioned the "boogieman" which was a 5 star look of confusion. He said his match should be the main event, and talked about babysitting.

-Booker T (who was the best dressed man there) always holding Sharmell's hand, and putting something in his water (like Steph did to HBK a few days ago). He was picking his nails, as well as having a great line about suing the WWE, Teddy Long and the fans if Sharmel gets hurt. This was quite fun. Sadly Booker T did not do his prepared statement that he alluded to in his promo.

-Mark Henry after not being afraid of the undertaker and doing a decent serious promo, wanting water, and then picking his nails, then smiling like only Mark Henry can.


-Candice did a few of her go daddy spins, but did not have her magic wand. She does look very nice though in person. Very tan. Nice eyes. She said she would be on top at mania and her one cover is hotter then two of Torrie's covers combined.
-HBK did wonderful with the "you screwed Bret" chants and the talk "only on PPV." He was way over. Accoridng to Shawn, Montreal was 10, 20, 30 years ago. Oh yeah, he's now "Mr. Wrestlemania" and afraid of Vince.

-Orton talked family and respect, I was bored, so I did like Booker and Mark and picked my nails.
-Kurt Angle is looking much smaller, and his neck looks almost human like. The silver screws which hold his name plate on the belt up totally focused my attention. He mentioned in an interview later that his neck is still hurting him.

-Triple H is the same size as me (height wise) and his hair smells good. Really, I wanted to ask him so badly if he used a cr? rinse.
-HBK and Candice and HHH enjoying some good laughs when Cena was up there.

-Triple H's coughing, which made everyone, even Randy Orton cover their mouths with their hands so they couldn't see them laughing.

-Triple H has a quick wit espically with the "Only on PPV" stuff with Coachman at the end. He didn't note how he's lost in his last 2 wrestlemanias.


-Eddy chants were huge.

-It was a good time and well organized event.

Before the conference started they played highlights for Mania XXI, and Cena's stuff was booed out of the building. So they brought young fans in to cheer the champ. And the kid who went up to Cena when he came out. NOT A PLANT.

Afterward, Cena, HHH, Carlito, HBK, Orton, Michelle, and a few others did interviews...I did get to ask Cena the following:

"John, one question, can I spin the belt?"
Cena looks at me
"Nah, you haven't earned it yet!"

HHH was very humble, and Cena was nice talking to all media outlets and laughing at a joke I made about the Iron Sheik and his humbleness. Candice Michelle was also extremely nice to everyone including my question "how does one train for a playboy pillow fight"