Michelle McCool Update, Wrestler Arrested, Shelton's Mamma's Health, More

Michelle McCool was down in Ohio Valley Wrestling last week so OVW officials could take a look at her. She may be managing the tag team of Amish Roadkill and Kasey James. Also, she tried out as an announcer to promote some local house shows.

Today's edition of the Houston Chronicle has an article about native Andy Fickman, who will be directing the Rock's Disney film Daddy's Little Girl.

Damien (Brian Kees), 31, who wrestled in Ohio Valley Wrestling as one of the original Disciples of Synn, was arrested and put in jail a few weeks ago due to a parole violation.

Shelton's Momma (Thea Vidale) is in poor health these days. That is the reason as to why she hasn't appeared on the last two episodes of Raw. There is no word yet on when she is coming back.

World Wrestling Entertainment have spent $34,282,000 on "See No Evil" and "The Marine."

26% of the company's revenue came from outside of North America during the last quarter.

WWE Women's Champion Trish Stratus will be on B95's Morning Buzz (WFBE-FM, 95.1 in Flint, MI) this Monday. Listen for it around 8:30am Eastern Time. It can also be heard streaming at www.b95.fm. Your correspondent along with Dave Geronimo will be conducting the interview.