More Stacy/WWE Problems, Hogan/Chuck Norris, & More

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– The episode of Walker, Texas Ranger featuring Hulk Hogan will air at noon tomorrow on USA Network. In the episode, he plays a born-again Christian ex-con who now runs a Christian youth center, trying to save kids from street gangs.

– The SNME event in Detroit was sold out, however with the big set in that arena, that means probably around 6,500 in attendance.

– When Stacy Keibler was asked by E! about her future, she ran down a few things, however wrestling was never mentioned. As we ve reported before, as far we can tell it doesn t look like Stacy Keibler wants to stay in WWE. However, due to her new found stardom, it is likely that WWE would give her a very good offer in order to keep her.