News On Saturday Night's Main Event, WrestleMania & More

WWE announced on their website that tonight during the return of Saturday Nights Main Event, will air a special episode of WWE Unlimited. No special start time has been announced, although one has to think it will begin around 7:30-7:45 on their website.

NBC is promoting Saturday Nights Main Event on their main banner on the NBC website. (Thanks to Adam Lebow)

There are billboards up in Liverpool (UK) advertising WrestleMania22, this is the first time there's been any sort of advertising of this nature in the city. The posters feature the WM22 logo in the middle, with a plancha-executing Rey Mysterio and a leg-dropping Undertaker either side. (Thanks to Lee "Wresball" Jones)

Also it looks like that WWE are spending a bit more money advertising WrestleMania 22 online this year. Adverts for WrestleMania 22 have been seen on several websites from wrestling to AOL s site and also on instant messengers.