Official WWE Monday Night RAW Preview (03/20/06)

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Saturday Night Fever
March 20, 2006

The RAW Superstars will be sorting out the fallout of Saturday Night s Main Event when Monday Night RAW heads to Memphis, Tenn.

The big question heading into Saturday Night's Main Event was whether or not Triple H and WWE Champion John Cena could coexist as a tag team. Things started out smoothly enough, but before long things spiraled out of control and the WrestleMania opponents clashed. Triple H broke up a Cena pinfall attempt and Pedigreed him, trying to give SmackDown the win. But The Champ persevered, and after the SmackDown team battled with each other, Cena rolled up Randy Orton for the win. What will these two have to say after such an explosive encounter?


Also at Saturday Night s Main Event, Shawn Michaels went one on one with Mr. McMahon's son, Shane, in a Street Fight. This was one of the most brutal matches in recent memory and saw both men putting their bodies on the line. It looked like HBK had things going his way, but Mr. McMahon screwed the Showstopper and called for the bell immediately after Shane locked in a Sharpshooter. How will HBK react after being screwed at Saturday Night's Main Event?

And Edge belittle Mick Foley on the Cutting Edge at Saturday Night's Main Event. The Hardcore Legend responded and the results were...well...hardcore. After Foley's use of thumb tacks backfired on him, he almost seemed happy, and chased Edge up the ramp and gave him a con-chair-to on the stage. What direction will this hardcore rivalry take on RAW?


Find out all this and more next Monday night at 9/8 CT on the USA Network.