Randy Orton/WrestleMania, Foley/SNME, Lance Storm & More

Credit: PWInsider.com

Rip Ryder sent this: Mick Foley did a quick appearance on the Today show yesterday and plugged SNME. Matt Lauer introduced him and they talked a few moments about how Mick has written autobiographies, children s books and some novels. Matt mentioned that he was a New York Times Best Selling author. They then talk briefly about SNME and Mick s appearance on the Razor s Edge. Mick said that Edge was a very talented young man, but that he needed to learn some manners and that he (Mick) was going to teach Edge a few lessons about respecting his elders. It looked like Mick hung around after that and visited with the crowd.

Lance Storm has updated his lastest Q and A on his official website.

Randy Orton recently caught up with IGN.com for an interview, in conjunction with WrestleMania 22.

Adam Lebow sent this: One of the features added to WWE.com s WrestleMania page is a feature of WWE, in conjunction with the new movie Benchwarmers is running down the top 5 Wrestlemania Underdog moments, and it is hosted by Eugene. Eugene has some really funny and great commentary in the preview before show they highlights from the match. They have only counted down the #5 and #4 spot. #5 was Lawrence Taylor defeating Bam Bam Bigalow while #4 was Hogan slamming Andre the Giant, hitting the boot and getting the 3 count.