RAW Security Guards, JR-WWE, SNME, Ted DiBiase, & More Notes

Partial Sources: WWE.com, PWInsider.com

WWE.com has posted interviews with both Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler regarding how Ross left WWE after being 'fired' on RAW. Lawler came across honestly in talking about how he didn't like what his friend went through when he was "fired" on the air. When Ross was asked about the Dr. Heinie skit, he said "I thought it was a little personal. I also thought it ran a little bit long. I thought they could have gotten their point across a little quicker, but that s not how it was laid out or produced. It definitely wasn t one of my shining moments. It probably won t be on my clip reel of personal highlights of my RAW career." On a possible return to RAW, Ross noted "No, I think my RAW days are over." He added that he thinks that his "time on RAW has come and gone" and added, "I have some other business interests that I m anxious to pursue. We re looking at doing a J.R. s Barbeque Restaurant in Norman, Okla., and we just built a 40-foot customized trailer that we re going to take to fairs and events. We may take it to Sturgis and rodeos. And next year is the Oklahoma centennial, so we think the trailer will be out a lot to the fairs and festivals. Some of them draw thousands of people and we d like to sell some of them a barbeque sandwich."

Saturday Night's Main Event will air at 8 p.m. on the WB affiliate WDWB in Detroit after all.

Ted DiBiase will be inducting Sherri Martel at the WWE Hall of Fame.

Rudy Boy Gonzales (who trained Paul London and Brian Kendrick, and Bryan Danielson), Chris Marvel, and Don Juan worked as security guards on RAW last night.