Recap Of John Cena On USA Network's Nashville Star

Thanks to Scott Foster for this review of John Cena's appearance on USA Network's Nashville Star:

My first thought was that as a WWE wrestler, he had absolutely NO business being a guest judge on this type of show, be it Nashville Star, or American Idol, any musical show..

John Cena showed, however, that he was able to give honest opinions, and valid ones, as valid as any of the other judges on the show.. He offered criticism when necessary (letting one performer know that "when you sing a song to empower, you really have to feel it...... I didn't feel it...").

To another performer, he gave positive commentary, explaining how he rocked it.'.. John admitted to watching the show (and even seemed to have had a 'favorite' picked out) he said for first two weeks, and he only made one WWE reference really, stating that one of the female contestants (I believe her last name is Torres) was 'as hot as any WWE Diva he's seen'.. all in all a very knowledgeable showing for John- he showed that he actually DOES know a few things about music.