Rene Dupree and The Bashams Offered New Deals


Rene Dupree and The Bashams were recently offered new deals from WWE. There is no word yet if they have signed them though. This should be refreshing news for these individuals because there were rumors that WWE were looking to cut several wrestlers this month. Also, it didn't help matters that WWE are currently looking to bring in a parade of big, imposing veteran wrestlers and well, Dupree & The Bashams have been kept off television for several months.

Dupree has been out the past several months due to an injured hernia. He's wrestled on a few OVW shows though. Doug Basham has wrestled sparingly on some Smackdown house shows the past few months, but has yet to be brought back to TV for some unknown reason. He's been off television since September. Danny Basham was traded to the Raw brand last June. Although, he didn't make an appearance on television until September. He wrestled a jobber on an episode of Sunday Night Heat in some sort of goth gimmick. That was his one and only TV appearance on the Raw brand and he hasn't been seen on television since. Danny has wrestled on a few Raw brand house shows since then, however, he's been kept off the road for the most part for some unknown reason.