RVD Speaks On Phillipines Tour, ECW One Night Stand 2 & More

The following is from RVD's official website:

From RVD......

MARCH 3 — Hello, RVD fans, and haters that undoubtedly exist and are reading anyway in hopes of exposing under-greatness to validate their self existences. Hi. Greetings.

The trip to Manila was awesome. 5-star hotel attached to a 4-story mall, Gold's Gym next door, police escorts everywhere we went and the people were the friendliest people ever! I felt like Elvis Presley walking around to screams and smiles. Two sellout packed nights in the same arena so the travel was nonexistent once we arrived in the Phillipines. I even got to go to Mr. and Mrs. Aranetti's huge-ass house. They made the whole trip possible and, from what I understand, just about everything that happens in Manilla. This was one of my favorite international trips I've been on.

Hope everyone has ben enjoying watching me kick ass since my return. I get the feeling you have. I like to think I add a little something to the show, ya know? By the way, there has been tons of RVD signs lately and I f&*king love it! I really do get energy from that which can not be taken away from me by politics. I thank you.

I'll be the next guest at my store, RVD's 5-Star Comics and Wrestling, on March 9th from 6-8pm. I'm expecting this to be another big signing with an enormous turnout of positive energy exchanged. You tell me how cool I am, I'm positive you mean it. Cool! We'll have the polaroid camera fired up, 8x10's to sign and we'll be raffling off some kick-ass prizes. After my matches, I often save my used wrist tape to give to some fans representing on the way out. Sometimes, due to secured backstage exits or whatever, I don't see the fans and then guess what happens? I end up with authentic, ring-worn wrist tape to give to the first 50 or so fans that come to my signing on the 9th! C'mon, that's a piece of history dude! Call the store for info.

Anyone getting excited about One Night Stand 2? Of course we are!

The television show I recommend for you fellow spiritually inclined is Medium. Show's awesome. Easily one of my favorites all week and it's about damn time I put it over.

That's another week, folks. I have to go pat myself on the back for keeping up with this update so regularly. Told you I could do it.

Making Mondays enjoyable again, this has been your favorite wrestler, and mine,