SNME Sold Out, Shannon Moore-WWE, Helms, Lots More

- The 3/18 SNME house show in Detroit is sold out. If anyone has an extra ticket, please let me know as I'll be traveling from Albany, NY to Detroit, MI on Friday to cover the TNA house show and had planned on attending this show to cover it for the sites. Thanks!! (

- It is expected that Shannon Moore will be assigned to Deep South Wrestling.

- In the movie Cry Wolf, they make a mention to wrestling, saying one man's room was like a "WWF wrestling match." You would think they could at least use the right name WWE.

- Gregory Helms has a new blog on his myspace page with photos of his broken nose.

- WWE champion John Cena willl be signing autographs on Friday @ Auto-Rama – I-X Center, One I-X Center Drive, Cleveland, OH from 6:45 to 9PM. Call 216-265-2500 for more information.