**SPOILERS** Detailed iMPACT! Results (2 Weeks Worth)

**SPOILERS** Detailed iMPACT! Results (2 Weeks Worth)

Thanks to Alan Wojcik of TNAWrestlingNEWS.com for passing the following along:

These are the detailed TNA Impact TV notes for Saturday March 18th and March 25th. I am sure we will know some of the key matches leading to the April 23rd Lockdown PPV, the all Six Sides of Steel event. Tonight the fans will get a preview of that PPV as we will see the cage erected tonight. We also got to play a new game called where are the original members of the Pit as several of the original members were scattered all over the venue.

Events that will air on the 18th:

King of the Mountain Jeff Jarrett and friends made their way to the ring. Jarrett claimed his friends accomplished the impossible; Sting is gone from TNA again. After Final Resolution Sting left on his own terms, last Sunday he left on Jarrett s terms. Next Jarrett brought out Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner. Scott claimed he has been watching TNA for months and saw who TNA management was hiring. He verbally ran down the recent additions like Rhino, Team 3D, Sting and Christian Cage. Steiner claimed with Sting gone, he was the new face of TNA Wrestling, despite his attitude problem and jail stays. Steiner said he wanted to talk to TNA management about why he was never called. Steiner didn t remember where in the US he was as he called the fans rednecks.

Jeremy Borash spoke to Larry Zbyszko about Steiner s comments. Zbyszko said Team 3D and Team Canada would enter the Six Side of Steel on next week s show. Samoa Joe barged into the interview demanding a rematch for the X Division title. Larry told him he was the next thing in wrestling. He needed to step away from the X Division and he had a special opponent for him at Lockdown, but the feed in the building went off as background noise suggested a fight.

(1) In a Team TNA/US World X Cup qualifier match, Sonjay Dutt defeated Maverick Matt Bentley (w/Traci Brooks) and Diamonds in the Rough member Primetime Elix Skipper (w/Simon Diamond).
During this match Diamond sat with Tenay and West, probably talking about his trip to White Sox training camp to face Dale Torborg and AJ Pierzynski. Bentley and Skipped formed a very brief partnership and attacked Dutt. I say very brief because soon after Bentley punched Skipper in the jaw. Skipper had Dutt set for the Kryptonite Crunch when Bentley broke it up. All three men took to the air and landed on each other on the floor. Skipper and Dutt came back to the ring trading punches and kicks. Bentley hit Skipper with a superkick but Dutt broke up the pin by hitting a 450 splash, then getting the pin on Bentley. There was a delay and I think they showed the footage from the White Sox camp to the home viewers.

Borash spoke to Team 3D about the announcement of the Six Sides of Steel match. Ray and Devon mocked Team Canada with their own raunchy rendition of the Canadian anthem.

(2) Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell) defeated Cassidy Riley.
I like Cassidy Riley as a persona and a friend so it was hard watching Abyss beat the crap out of him. Abyss hit Shock Treatment and the Black Hole Slam to win.

Jeremy Borash spoke to Father James Mitchell about the possibility of Abyss facing Christian Cage at Lockdown for the NWA World Heavyweight title. Alex Shelley came over and offered his paparazzi camera for something, Mitchell accepted.

(3) Shark Boy and Big Wiggle Norman Smiley defeated LAX members Notorious 187 Homicide and Machete (w/Konnan).
Shark and Smiley got in some offense, including Smiley hitting Homicide with the Big Wiggle. Konnan went to hit Shark Boy with the sock puppet but hit Machete instead. With Machete knocked down, Shark got the pin. After the match Konnan and Homicide ripped off Machete s Puerto Rican t-shirt, guess he is out. Could Low Ki or Hotstuff Hernandez be coming in??

(4) Ron the Truth Killings, Phenomenal AJ Styles, War Machine Rhino and NWA World X Division champion Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels defeated Alex Shelley, Prince of Punk Shannon Moore and NWA World Tag Team champions America Most Wanted ( Tennessee Cowboy James Storm and Wildcat Chris Harris w/Gail Kim).
Harris looked like he was going to lock up with Rhino but quickly tagged out to Shelley. Shelley s mat wrestling didn t work against Rhino s power moves. After using some profanity Rhino tagged out to Daniels. Daniels and company had control of the match until Shelley poked Daniels in the eye. Storm tagged in but Daniels tagged out to Styles. Styles got too close to the opposite side of the ring and Harris hit him with a clothesline. Moore came in to work over Mr. TNA but couldn t get the pin. Styles survived the attack and tagged out to Killings. All eight men ended up brawling in, out and above the ring. Kim tossed Harris the handcuffs but when he went to handcuff Daniels, Rhino hit the GORE! Daniels and Styles set up Moore for a power bomb followed by the Styles Clash which ended the match.

Jeremy Borash spoke to Team Canada about the Six Side of Steel but the video faded out.

Events that will air on the 25th:

Mike Tenay and Don West spoke on camera. Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett and Gail Kim stormed out but not dressed to wrestle.

(1) The match between Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner and King of the Mountain Jeff Jarrett and The Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas) never really happened as Jarrett and Steiner jumped the Naturals. Steiner beat Douglas with a steel chair so bad that they took Douglas out on a back brace.

Jeremy Borash spoke to Konnan and Homicide about their beat down of Machete. The James Gang interrupted the interview. Bob Armstrong talked about his Marine days and arm wrestling Konnan. Mike Tenay entered the ring for the announcement of Samoa Joe s opponent at Lockdown. Joe ran down his in ring resume. They rolled footage of his opponent, the Homicidal, Genocidal, Suicidal SABU!!!! Joe didn t look too pleased as he watched video on the screen. Borash spoke to Team 3D again about the Six Sides of Steel match.

(2) Team TNA/US members the Future Chris Sabin, Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt defeated The Diamonds in the Rough (Simon Diamond, Primetime Elix Skipper and David Young)
Sabin, Lethal and Dutt cleared the ring of the Diamonds. Then all three did topes to the floor onto the Diamonds. Once the match came back to the ring Lethal go too close to the Diamonds corner and Young hit a spinebuster. The Diamonds tagged out several times working over Lethal but couldn t get the win. After surviving the onslaught Lethal tagged out to Sabin. Dutt and Sabin joined the fray and Sabin hit Young with the Cradle Shock to win.

Jeremy Borash spoke to Team Canada about the Six Sides of Steel match when Larry Zbyszko came into the conversation. Slick Mark Johnson offered his services as the referee for the cage, but Larry Zbyszko told him Rudy Charles would be the referee instead.

After the Xplosion matches they set up the cage and NWA World Heavyweight champion Captain Charisma Christian Cage came out to talk and cover for the dead time. He said he didn t get doctors clearance to wrestle tonight due to his injured ribs. Cage said he didn t understand Scott Steiner s comments earlier in the evening, claiming he didn t speak dumbass. Cage thanked the fans for helping celebrate his World title victory over Jeff Jarrett at Against All Odds. Borash came out and helped toss some Got Charisma shirts to the crowd.

(3) Inside the Six Sides of Steel Team 3D (Ray and Devon) vs. Team Canada members Canadian Enforcer Bobby Roode and Showtime Eric Young (w/Scott D amore, A1 and Petey Williams)
Like I said this match was filmed at the end of TV to keep the crowd alive. Before the bell Andrew Thomas and Rudy Charles kicked A1, D amore and Williams out of the ringside area. Team 3D busted Young open early in the match as Charles tried to get control. Next Ray tossed Roode into the cage busting his forehead open. Young was the Gordon Solie Crimson Mask for the rest of the match. It took a while but Team Canada was able to fight back and get in some offense. Rudy Charles finally made the teams go to their corners to make it a somewhat normal tag team match. Young missed a moonsault and Ray tagged out to Devon. Team 3D won when they hit Roode with the 3D. AMW and the rest of Team Canada hit the ring and jumped 3D. AMW went out to the floor and brought in a table, before they locked the cage. AMW stayed on the floor as Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt, Chris Sabin tried to enter the ring to save Team 3D. Shockingly both members of 3D were split open. Team Canada sang the Canadian Anthem over the beaten down Team 3D. After the match the TNA medical staff ran into the ring to check on Ray who looked like he was unconscious for several moments. On their way out AMW argued with Dory Funk Jr. and paid the price as he knocked Storm on his ass. At the moment Team 3D got to their feet, AMW hit the ring again and beat them down to the mat once more. Not satisfied AMW beat down the medical and security staff that came to aid of Team 3D. Even as the cameras stopped rolling, AMW continued to pound on Team 3D.

The following matches were taped for Xplosion:

(1) Samoa Joe defeated New Japan Pro Wrestling s Puma.
Watch Xplosion if it airs in your area as this was a great match. Joe won with the Muscle Buster and the Kokina Clutch.

(2) The Future Chris Sabin and Jay Lethal defeated Hotstuff Hernandez and Notorious 187 Homicide (w/Konnan) vs. when Sabin pinned Hernandez. Guess Hernandez in now part of the LAX.

Announced and speculative matches for the Lockdown PPV:
***NWA World Heavyweight champion Captain Charisma Christian Cage vs. Abyss (w/Father James Mitchell)
***Samoa Joe vs. Sabu
*** Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner and King of the Mountain Jeff Jarrett plus two other people vs.
Sting/Steve Borden and three other people
***NWA World Tag Team champions America s Most Wanted ( Tennessee Cowboy James Storm and Wildcat Chris Harris) vs .Team 3D (Ray and Devon)

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