Stacy Keibler, Kevin Nash, WWE/UK & Australia News


For those in Australia, WWE shows move from Fox 8 to the Main Event Channel due to Fox 8 doing a two week long 24/7 Simpsons marathon. All wrestling shows will air at the usual time except on March 19th due to to a live boxing event. All Sunday shows that would air that day are being moved up a day and Saturday will feature RAW, Velocity, Experience, SmackDown, Heat, Velocity, Experience and Heat from Noon to 10pm.

The U.K. ratings for the week ending February 19 are in. The live airing of RAW had 37,000 viewers and the Thursday replay had 85,000 which is 21% down. The Friday replay had 63,000 which is up 13%. Friday Night SmackDown had 108,000 which is up 15% and the Saturday replay had 108,000, 36% down. The free airing of WWE No Way Out had 143,000 viewers.

Kevin Nash is appearing at the Daytona Beach Thunder Arena Football League game tonight doing the coin toss.

Stacy Keibler's appearance on Ellen airs again tonight at 11pm on Oxygen.