Stacy Keibler On Kimmel Live, Mick Foley, SmackDown & More


Tim White has new video up on, this time he is trying to kill himself with Mad Cow disease.

Mick Foley has updated his blog over at He speaks on the Philippines tour, including a first hand account of the photographer who caused the near melee in the Manila airport by using racial epithets on the head of WWE security, after a grueling 31 hour trip no less.

Speaking of Mick Foley, he was signing autographs from 6:00 to 9:00 at the Peoria Rivermen ice hockey game. He has short conversations with the fans and fans seemed to be very pleased with Foley s appearance.

The SmackDown bread is in Australia for this weekend, for their down under tour in Sydney, Wellington, NZ and Brisbane.

Billboard currently shows the WrestleMania XIX (2003) DVD at #1 in sales in recreational sports.

Joe Arcurio sent this. ... Stacy Keibler was on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night in a real short segment. Basically, they talked mostly about DWTS and how she should have won, and made a brief mention of WWE. She said that she is still under contract to WWE and when asked if she would still be involved with WWE she said that she has a lot on her plate right now and would have to sit down and decide what she wants to do. That was pretty much it.