Stacy Keibler Receiving Lots Of Offers; Done With WWE?

– Stacy Keibler recently talked with magazine Us Weekly, saying "I have movie offers, endorsement deals and I'm reading TV pilots."

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Stacy Keibler does in fact want out of WWE, but doesn t want to bad mouth wrestling on the way out. It s also said that she doesn t want a nasty break up from WWE, as they own a lot of intellectual property rights to her. Apparently she wants a meeting with McMahon to discuss these issues soon.

Stacy Keibler has gotten a few offers for acting gigs, including a meeting with the president of ABC. However, Sable and Chyna both had these kind of offers when they left and neither really did anything big after WWE.

Stacy Keibler s contract with WWE expires in June of this year.