Stacy Keibler Update, John Cena Praises Triple H, More


Stacy Keibler is one of the four finalists to win the NCTnA Tournament conducted by WFBQ, 94.7 FM, a local rock radio station in Indianapolis. The contest is held by the station every year during the same time as the NCAA men s basketball tournament. 64 female celebrities are matched up in brackets and then fans vote on the winner of each match-up. Stacy is matched up against Lindsay Lohan right now, with the voting very close. Speaking of Stacy Keibler have added some hot new photos of Stacy Keibler which are worth a look.


John Cena recently did an interview with The WWE Champion spoke on the comment Hulk Hogan made regarding Cena being the man to "carry the football" of wrestling for the next 15-20 years. The interview moves on to John Cena praising Triple H as "the biggest superstar the WWE has right now" and a "legend". John Cena also spoke about lifting The Big Show and more.