Steel Cage Match, WM22, The Next SNME, & More

A steel cage match for the WWE Championship featuring John Cena, Triple H and Edge is being advertised for an upcoming RAW taping on May 1 in Columbus, Ohio.

Not only are there billboards for WrestleMania 22 appearing in major cities across the United States and Canada, but these same billboards are also all over in England's and even in small villages.


Devin Cutting sent in the following: Saturday Night's Main Event on July 15th will be a two-hour primetime special, according to the venue that will host the show. The American Airlines Center in Dallas has the following statement on it's official website: "Saturday Night's Main Event returns to NBC July 15th, as a two-hour primetime special live from Dallas's American Airlines Center. Don't miss your chance to be a part of history as Saturday Night's Main Event returns."

WWE is currently casting non-union actors for a show being listed as "WWE – Unauthorized" at the moment. There are no further detail available about the show. has new WrestleMania memories from Brutas Beefcake, Chris Jericho, and others.