Tammy 'Sunny' Sytch Possibly Returning To WWE?

In case you haven't noticed, WWE.com have made several references to former WWE Diva Sunny aka Tammy Sytch in the past few months. Her old theme song plays when you visit the WWE Diva section. This past January, it was "Sunny Month" for the WWE 24/7 Online section as WWE.com featured several classic Sunny videos from throughout her career. WWE.com also recently had a flash memory game featuring Sunny on the website. And in April on WWE 24/7, they will be featuring the old Sunny WWF Home Video release.


Recently on the "In This Corner" radio show, Tammy Sytch said that WWE.com president Chris Chambers contacted her back in November in regards to doing a photoshoot and an indepth interview for WWE.com. Chambers is a good friend of Sytch who produced some of her old live event news segments and her music video. Sytch was flattered by the offer, however she simply said, "I'm not ready to do it." Tammy said that she's been out of the public eye for a while, and that she needs to focus and get back into quote-unquote, "Sunny Shape." When Tammy Sytch finally gets back into "Sunny Shape," she will be more than happy to do the interview and photoshoot for WWE.com. Even though she chose not to participate in the festivities, WWE.com still went along with January being "Sunny Month" for WWE 24/7 Online anyways.


In the same interview, Sytch said that she's "on the right track" in regards to losing her excess weight. Tammy Sytch currently works a desk job at a New York area fitness club, so now it's a bit more convenient for her to get a work out.

Also, in a recent shoot interview with RF Video, Tammy said that her main focus is to get back into "Sunny Shape." She said that she still has contact with Vince McMahon and he always said that she can come back at any time "when she's ready." Sytch said that she hopes to be back in the WWE by the end of 2006.