The Latest On Bill Goldberg's Possible TNA Debut

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Bill Goldberg did a brief interview on Sports Overdrive WGNU920am in St. Louis, MO tonight (3/9). Brian Stull of the Stranglehold, the wrestling talk show of St. Louis, did the interview. Goldberg talked about his Pros vs. Joes Spike TV show and his love for cars. Goldberg has 20+ cars in his garage.

Stull brought up the rumors of Goldberg talking to TNA but Bill confirmed he has only talked to Sting about it, and he hasn't talked to Dixie Carter or Jeff Jarrett. He did mention his distain for WWE, saying he's disagreed with them so many times in the past that he doesn't see himself back there anytime soon.

Basically, he said that TNA is a possibility, but nothing concrete.

Stull asked about WWE's drug testing and Bill tipped his hat to them saying it's a good thing. He mentioned he has never had to do a stress test in WCW or WWE, and he recently had his first stress test after he felt some numbness on his left side. Nothing too informative, but Goldberg seems in good sprits.

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