The Latest On Steve Austin, WWE, & Bret Hart has added a new interview with Steve Austin. In the interview, Austin talks about what he has been up to in the last few months since being off WWE TV and holding off on comments about the new WWE Films project "The Condemened" that he will star in.

Austin also comments on being asked to induct Bret Hart into the 2006 WWE Hall of Fame this year: "I thought it would be a great honor to induct such a great wrestler into the Hall of Fame. I thought it was a perfect fit, because I had so many classic battles with Bret Hit Man Hart. I had an unbelievable chemistry with the guy and I just have so much respect for him and for how he conducts himself in the ring and out of the ring."

Austin also added quote, "The thing I respect so much about Bret was that it didn t matter who he was going up against, whether it was me or the Undertaker or anybody else, he was going to work his ass off to have a great match. It wasn t about being selfish. He was never selfish in the ring. It was about having a great match. So I m just looking forward to being able to spend some time with Bret and induct him into the Hall of Fame."

Austin also talks about some of his favorite wrestlers from the state of Texas, some current great Texas wrestlers on the WWE roster and much more. To check out the full interview, visit