Tickets For SmackDown Show In Israel Going Quick


Lex sent the following....The presale of WWE Smackdown tickets for the shows in Israel in Nokia Arena (Yad Eliyahu) in Tel Aviv began at midnight on Saturday (Israel time). When I went to order my ticket for the Friday afternoon show the server for (which sells the tickets) was overloaded. Calling didn't help either as the phone lines were also busy. Since I doubt the server and phone lines would be overloaded due to people trying to get tickets for the Israeli version of Guys & Dolls, I think WWE can already call this a huge success, because when I finally got to the site and went to order my ticket for the Friday 2 PM show (got a front row seat) several floor sections were already completely sold out 10 minutes after the sale began. The sections that weren't sold out only had a small number of seats left, so it looks like WWE's first trip to Israel is already a huge success and management will be pleased with how quickly the tickets are selling.


Reshef Avnit sent the following.... I live in Israel, where tickets for the Smackdown house shows for July 27th and July 28th are going like crazy. I have a friend that works at the ticket agency handling the SD shows and he called me at about 2 am (2 hours after tickets went on sale) to update that more than 4,500 tickets were already sold for the 27th of July show (8:30 PM bell time) and more than 2,500 for the 28th of July show (2 PM bell time). The Nokia Arena (where the event is taking place) holds roughly 10,000 people for basketball, it's primary use. There are a few sections blocked off from buyers. I assume that's due to logistics, and that more tickets will be released in the future. At this point (I'm writing this e-mail at 5:30 AM local time), I think it's a pretty safe assumption that the arena will be a sellout or damn near a sellout. This "TOUR" can already be crowned a success, just a few hours after the tickets went on sale.