TNA News: Samoa Joe, White Sox-TNA, & More Notes has a photo and a link up to the new Pro Wrestling Illustrated issue featuring X Division Champion Samoa Joe on the cover. It is a great article and worth checking out for those still not familiar with Joe.


Pro Wrestling Illustrated also has an interesting article up looking at how TNA could withstand a talent raid from WWE if it were to take place. To check that out, visit

To follow up on the press release issued earlier today regarding TNA's Mike Tenay and Chris Sabin presenting a TNA championship belt to members of the Chicago White Sox, they have now added a photo featuring Dale Torborg and A.J. Pierzynski with a version of the TNA X Division Title.

Matt Morgan, Lance Hoyt, The Naturals, Gamma Sing Jr. will be working WWC Puerto Rico's "HONOR vs. BETRAYAL II" tour 3/24-3/26.

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