TNA News: Spike Dudley, TNA PUNK'D, Goldberg & More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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Spike Dudley (Matt Hyson) is more than likely coming to TNA.

There is a message on Shannon Moore's official website ( that says, "TNA has been PUNK'D."

An "Outside The Ring" article on Petey Williams is now up on the TNA website.

Bill Goldberg hasn't had any serious talks with TNA officials in the last two weeks and there is no start date for him to come in.

International wrestler Jody Fleisch will be on Team U.K. in the upcoming X Division World Cup. He will be making three appearances. At first, he thought the X Division World Cup would be just "another day of work." However, he recently found out that Jushin Liger will compete on Team Japan and now he's really excited about the X Division Cup.


TNA officials are interested in bringing in Ring of Honor wrestler Ricky Reyes.

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