TNA/WWE, Test Update, TNA's Timeslot, Maven & More

Credit: no longer has TNA iMPACT listed for it's schedule on Thursday, March 30th at 9pm. The site now has TNA iMPACT listed on their regular spot, on Saturday, April 1st at 11pm, going head-to-head with the WWE Hall Of Fame special.

TNA will debut in the Thursday night, 11pm timeslot on April 13th.

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Much More Music in Canada will begin airing The Surreal Life 6 on April 9th at 1 PM, which features former WWE star Maven. New episodes will air for the first time on Sunday afternoons, and the replay throughout the week.

Jonathan sent this along: This is the message on the official website of Andrew "Test" Martin,, and it is dated February 25th. His dark match against Val Venis was on March 13th, just over two weeks later. Please note, all spelling and grammatical errors are as they appear on the site:

"What's up everyone? Sorry, I haven't been around my brother Mike came down to visit me here in Tampa..which was nice because I realy never get to see him that much. I can still rememberf when he used to kick the sh@# out of me when we were kids!....Oh how times have I didn't realy catch any wrestling this week so I can't make any comments. Just to clear things up and I've said this before....I AM NOT BITTER about my release from wwe..WWE gave me everything I dreamed of and more! Do I miss it? Imiss the fans and the chance to get to perform in front of them..nothing can replace that....who knows maybe I'll get that chance again! Cudos to my skinny litttle buddy Christian....there is a lot of people who never saw money in him..not me, I think he is one of the most entertaining wrestlers there is{plus his wife is hot and I'll never figure out how he scored her}but that's another story! The big 31 is just around the corner...god, I can't believe I'm, 31 already.....oh well they say your only as old as you feel ans I feel 80.Take care...oh yeah and Tommy Dreamer is a fat turd!"