Trish Stratus Speaks On Trying To Be More Eye Candy & More



WWE Woman s Champion, Trish Stratus appeared on Showbiz Tonight . The interview lasted about 10 minutes and here are the highlights:

Yes, wrestling does hurt. The host pointed out she had make-up covering up her bruises and Trish seemed surprised he noticed. However, she played it off as if she didn t get hurt and said that wrestlers try to tell a story in the ring and that the primary reason she goes out there is to entertain the fans.


He asked if her goal as a child was to become a wrestler. Trish answered not really because as a child, she had seen women such as Ms. Elizabeth, but women were mainly valets or managers at that point in time, and they certainly were not doing the things she does in the ring today. It s mentioned that she was a pre-med student and was asked how her family was when she decided to become a wrestler instead of a doctor. Trish said they were highly supportive.

The most interesting part of the interview was when Trish mentioned how she and the other women wrestlers were trying to change the views of women by being more competitive in the ring and not just wanting to be eye-candy. She mentioned how hard she and others have worked the past few years. (Side note: I couldn t help thinking how almost all of the real women wrestlers have been released by WWE and replaced by eye-candy. What a shame&)


Plugs of WrestleMania were throughout the interview and Trish came across as a sincere and sweet person and re-iterated many times that she was out there to entertain the fans. Over-all, it was a great plug for WrestleMania and a great representation for women s wrestling.