What Are Bret Hart's Plans For WrestleMania 22?


There is a great Bret Hart interview up at the Slam! Wrestling website where he reveals his WrestleMania 22 plans.

Bret says that he will NOT be appearing at the WrestleMania 22 PPV event and says he knows Vince and WWE will try to convince him otherwise this weekend.

On being inducted into the Hall of Fame, he noted "I think a lot of it is a sign of good faith, I don't think either of us has ever really forgiven, but Vince and I have made peace to a certain extent."

Hart says he will be flying out of Chicago on Sunday morning, before the PPV.

Hart notes that WWE sent him a contract to appear and that he did not sign it and was not being paid to appear.

Hart also says that if he sees Shawn Michaels at the Hall of Fame ceremony he will walk out, get back into his cab, and head right back to where he came from. "I've basically told them that if I see Shawn, I'll get back in a cab and go straight to the airport. They'll have to get him to do my induction speech. I just feel that there's too much anger for me. Too combustible."

Hart also says that the Hall of Fame ceremony is simply a chance to say goodbye to the fans and give his wrestling career closure.