What You Didn't See On WWE Monday Night RAW

Credit: PWInsider.com

*Mick walks up the ramp with the barbed-wire baseball bat and raises it to the crowd. He drops it once and then poses with the 'bang, bang' motion at the top of the stage. He is bleeding from the mouth. He has a mic but doesn't use it. A shot of the crowd and the spotlights on them leads us into Carlito's theme music. He comes out and poses on the turnbuckle as Lillian announces the match for one-fall.

*Carlito is on the mic and says that there was a back door and that they can't afford to make mistakes like that. He says those kinds of mistakes are 'not cool.' Masters takes the mic and says he admits it was his fault but they have no reason to worry since no matter what, they will walk out of Wrestlemania as the Tag Team Champions. He plays to the crowd, who try to start a faint "You Suck" chant.

*Todd Grisham comes out and asks Omaha to show off their signs, which included: The road to WM ends in Omaha, KANE in glitter, John Cena with glitter knuckles, In Vince We Trust: One Billion Dollars, Eddie 4 Ever!, Fonda, Iowa loves HBK, Kiss Me Divas, You Can't See Me, Bang Bang, Bow Down 2 the Masterpiece, Triple H with the King of Kings Skull logo (Todd said it was a great sign,) Mr. McMahon for President, and Down Since Day One with the Cena 'W' logo.

*Todd comes back out and offers Wrestlemania 22 t-shirts autographed by Kane to crowd members who can answer Wrestlemania trivia. The first guy was named Leon and he was from Omaha. The question was: Which Superstar has competed in 12 consecutive Wrestlemanias? A. Undertaker B. HBK or C. Bret Hart. Leon said Taker, which was wrong, and Todd asked a little kid who said HBK and was also wrong. Todd gave a shirt to the kid anyway. Todd then went to the other side of the crowd and asked a woman in pink named Kirsten. Her question was: Only 4 men have entered Wrestlemania the WWE Champ and have retained the title. Which of these superstars is one of them? A. Yokozuna B. Bret Hart or C. Diesel. She said Diesel and got it right and won the shirt. Todd ran away to the back as the camera tried to follow him as they went back live.

*McMahon looks on and starts down the ramp until Triple H gets behind HBK and gets hit. Michaels chops Hunter in the corner and then does the 10 punches from the turnbuckle. Triple H does the falling down routine and gets whipped into a headsnap. He reverses another whip and misses with a clothesline only to hit HBK with the high knee. McMahon laughs and slaps his knee as both men struggle to get on their feet. They exchange blows and Michaels gets caught in a sleeper hold as we go live.

*Michaels' music plays as he and Cena converse while Cena and a ref help HBK to the back. The announce team is shown and Joey says Coach looks upset and then runs down what just happened. King wonders why McMahon was out there in the first place. They cut to a shot of Triple H and McMahon and Todd Grisham asks his comments. Vince says it doesn't matter what just happened because later tonight Cena can have HBK in his corner since he's going to have Triple H in his. They cut to a shot of the ring with a ladder set up in it and a briefcase above it.

*Maria comes out to do the Kiss Cam. After two couples kissed, what appeared to be Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco in the production truck were shown on screen. Patterson then assaulted Brisco with a kiss which got a rise out of the crowd. Another couple kissed and then Val Venis' music hit and Val, Viscera, and Eugene made their way to the ring. I thought they were going to do something with Maria since they interrupted her and she looked wary, but nothing.

*Trainers are tending to Val Venis who is writhing in pain. His arm is in a sling and he struggles to get up and then leave the ring. The crowd cheers as Val continues to moan in pain while he is helped up the ramp. If the injury is just a work, then he's doing a great job of selling.

*Matt Striker is announced as being from 'The Classroom.' He is minus a chalkboard tonight and begins to talk about the very important lessons he learned from his professors, who were almost as smart as him. He says there is in fact one man here tonight who is actually smarter than him, and that man is Mr. McMahon. McMahon is his hero and he will be a hero of all the people when he teaches a very important lesson to John Cena tonight and then to HBK at Wrestlemania. Granted, Michaels and Cena have worked very hard and have risen to the top of their field, but Mr. McMahon has risen to the top of the world. Mr. McMahon knows the most important lesson: It's not how hard you work that matters, but how smart you work. The crowd begins a 'boring' chant but Striker quickly ends the segment with his "I'm your teacher," routine. It must be nice to be Vince and be able to have an army of jobbers available to say how much they love you.

*Triple H comes out to his usual entrance. He has a bottle of water and his ring gear still on with his new "King of Kings" t-shirt on as well. He tosses the water into the crowd and waits in the corner after being announced as being "in Mr. McMahon's corner."