WrestleMania Anthology, Possible Backlash Spoiler & More

Thanks to the following readers for sending this these newsbits. Any fans who want to send in news, articles, web finds, results, appearance notes, photos, or anything else of news worthy significance, please e-mail it to Andy@RingsideMAYHEM.com.


I was watching WrestleMania 16 from the WrestleMania anthology box set and they have edited the end of the hardcore battle royal from where they had a botched ending, there is a new voice over with Howard Finkel announcing Hardcore Holly as the champion, but without the confusion he did when it was live. (Thanks to Steve)

This may be nothing, but with Backlash taking place in Lexington, KY they have already been showing local commercials advertising the event. In the commercial John Cena states "I'm coming to take what's mine", which could insinuate a rematch to regain his title from HHH? (Thanks to Brant W. Fowler)

Thanks to Britthebest for sending this in: We were in line for the press conference and they only let about 175-185 people in. There were an estimated 1100 people in line. We recieved wrist bands to get in and were 15 people away from the front before they announced there was no more room in the theater. Rumor has the guys in the front of the line were there at 6pm the night before. They played the conference on speakers outside the theater and many people crowded around the front to see in to it. I spotted Mancow from Chicago's q101 sneaking in. At the end of the conference the superstars came out one by one. Mysterio and Cena just gave the peace sign to everyone and got in their respected cars. Triple H came out and actually got on the roof of the car and showed us 10 fingers for his 10th title reign.


After the press conference some of the fans headed over to the House of Blues where the superstar challenge was being held. At about 5 oclock they let everyone in. Masters, Carlito, RVD, Trish and Shelton Benjamen did some interviews up in a balconey. Then Ken Kennedy(who got a huge reaction), Coach, and Orlando Jordan stuck their heads over the balconey. Things kicked off I don't remember who faced who but the first 8 to square off were Shelton, Orlando, Masters, Steven Richards, Carlito, Ken Kennedy, Edge and Paul London. The winners of this round were Shelton, Richards, Kennedy and London. The next 8 were Trish, Melina, Lita, Christal, Cena, Joey Mercury (more on him in a bit), RVD and Johnny Nitro. The winners were Melina, Christal, Cena, and Nitro. The next matches were Melina vs Christal(Melina won) Shelton vs Richards(Shelton), Kennedy vs Nitro(Nitro) and Cena vs London(London). The next rounds were Shelton vs London(Shelton) and Nitro vs. Melina(Nitro). So the final match was Shelton vs Nitro. Shelton walked away with the win and has won all 4 of the superstar challenges (I thought he had only won 2 but was mistaken).

During the Shelton vs Nitro match Joey Mercury came out to the crowd and signed tons of autographs and even gave my cousin his white oakley sunglasses. He was probably the most fan friendly last night. Coach, Teddy Long and Shelton also signed many many autographs. Cena signed a few.


We left as Shinedown took the stage since it had been such a long day. I'm headed to the Cena signing tonight and if anything news worthy happens I'll be sure to pass it along.