WWE's Drug Testing, 'Taker's Druids, SNME Reaction, More

As noted last night, before WWE's big Supershow TV taping for both RAW and SmackDown last night in Memphis, the entire WWE roster was subject to their first urine test for the new WWE Talent Wellness program that was originally put into place late last month. Talent from both brands were not made aware ahead of time about the testing and were instructed at the tapings to provide urine samples for testing personnel. Results from the testing on Monday are being considered "baseline" levels. This means that no action will be taken against talent who test positive for illegal or prohibited substances right now. However, the testings yesterday will still play a role down the line as the results for March 20 will be compared later on with future testings in order to determine if usage of any banned substances is continuing or if it has dropped. The structure for this testing was made clear in the wording of the WWE Talent Wellness Program. It stated quote, "After the baseline test, subsequent positive tests for non-medical use of a prohibited substance will result in disciplinary action." Basically, as of now WWE will not be penalizing anyone for what is found in their system as long as future testing doesn't indicate an increase of use. If future testing does find this to be the case the next time around without a legitimate medical reason, that specific talent will be subject to disciplinary action that will begin with a 30 day suspension without pay.


The local wrestlers used as Druids for The Undertaker's entrance at Saturday Night's Main Event was Michigan/Ohio stars Eddie Venom, Gutter, Elvis Elliot, The Original Sinn, Mike Legacy and James Champagne.

The backstage reaction to the Saturday Night's Main Event rating was said to be very negative. WWE officials had hoped for at least a 5.0 rating or something close to it. The show ended up only scoring a 3.2 fast national rating.