WWE Leaks WrestleMania Spoilers? WWE's Schedule, More

If you were to look up Live Events on WWE's website, you would notice that there are several post-WrestleMania house show lineups listed with the champions and matches that would seem to indicate what the results of this Sunday's Pay-per-view will be.

As of right now it is in question as if to someone that works for WWE's website is really screwing up, or WWE is inadvertently spoiling the results of their biggest Pay-per view of the year. Either way, if you want to be totally surprised by Wrestlemania, I would recommend not going to the Live Events section on WWE.com until after the PPV, just to be safe.

The following is scheduled for both RAW and SmackDown brands this weekend and starting next week:

(There are no house show events this weekend)
- On Saturday, April 1, 2006: WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony in Chicago, IL.
- On Sunday, April 2, 2006: WWE WrestleMania 22 PPV in Chicago, IL.
- On Monday, April 3, 2006: RAW live in Chicago, IL.
- On Tuesday, April 4, 2006: SmackDown! tapings in Peoria, IL.