WWE News: RAW, Mysterio, Orton, Cena, & More

Matt Knapman sent this in: I'm a Canadian, so I watch RAW on TSN. During the Live airing (9-11 PM) of RAW on TSN, the part of the Mick Foley segment where he grabbed Lita, the camera cut to the crowd, as has been done in the past when it comes to violence towards women. But, during the replay in Canada on TSN (12-2AM) it showed the full segment, including the mandible claw being applied on Lita.

WWE is advertising a World Heavyweight Title cage match featuring Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton as the "Feature Match" for the April 11th SmackDown taping in Green Bay, WI.

After last night s RAW taping went off the air, John Cena cut a promo, bringing up Memphis legend Jerry Lawler, who got a big pop. Lawler asked Cena to beat down Vince McMahon next week.