WWE SmackDown Results - March 24, 2006

WWE Smackdown! Results – 3/24/06
Memphis, Tennessee
Report By: Daryl Vandenburg of PWInsider.com
WWE Smackdown! Opener:

A slightly less enthusiastic sounding Michael Cole welcomes us to Smackdown as Randy Orton s music hits, with Randy Orton doing a Rey Mysterio pop up entrance. Orton just stands on the entrance ramp with mic in hand as he s showered in boos. Randy says he doesn t need a fancy entrance, or gold medals, because he s the biggest star in the WWE. He says that last Saturday he had a chance to make history, as he had John Cena beat, but Mysterio screwed him by pulling him off of Cena (he shows the video clip). He says that he s been called a non-team player but he was more a team player on SNME. He says that they are jealous of him, his ability and his good looks. He tells the audience that Wrestlemania will be the biggest night of his life and to feast the eyes on the next World Champion. He does his pose and his music hits.

Money In The Bank Qualifying Match
Last Chance Battle Royal
MNM s music hits and Melina, looking as smoking as ever, Mercury & Nitro make their usual entrance. Lashley s music then hits and the soft spoken one makes his usual entrance. As he hits the ring, MNM leave the ring. During the commercial, the ring has filled up. The Mexicools then come in followed by Tatanka and Paul Burchill. Road Warrior then comes out with a mic complaining that he shouldn t even be in the match, because he won his match last week. He then tells them all that he made more money than them, he s a bigger star then them and he deserves respect.

The start:

The entire ring attacks Animal and tosses him out. Animal is out first. Just a big clusterf#$k, with Scotty 2 Hotty being ditched first after about 1 minute. Kid Kash is tossed by Tatanka almost immediately after. Burchill eliminates Nunzio, Gymini poses for the crowd a la Goldberg and Lashley ditches them from behind and then promptly tosses Simon Dean and right as they go to commercial, Funaki flies over the top rope.

Mid-match notes:

The ring is still a big mess, typical battle Royal. Sylvan and Orlando Jordan both are tossed back to back. MNM toss Noble and Kendrick. Psicosis takes out London but Psicosis goes at the same time. Burchill tosses Super crazy and Tatanka takes out Burchill. MNM, Lashley and Tatanka are left. Mercury pulled Tatanka through the ropes, and MNM hit the snap shot on Lashley. Melina does her scream. MNM pick up Lashley trying to eliminate him when Tatanka comes back in and works over MNM. Tatanka runs at Nitro but Nitro pulls down the top rope and Tatanka goes over. MNM team up on Lashley again, another Melina scream, and even a Lashley chant from the crowd. MNM both put Lashley in a Boston Crab. Lashley pushes himself up and powers out. Lashley then hits the double clothesline, but he can t overcome MNM.

The Finish:

MNM look to hit a double suplex but Lashley reverses. Lashley starts the take apart MNM but it doesn t last long as he misses a spear in the corner and hits the ring post. Nitro goes for a superkick but hits Mercury by accident. Lashley press slams Mercury into Nitro and the momentum carries them both out of the ring.

Winner – Bobby Lashley
The Aftermath:

Lashley celebrates in the four corners and mimics climbing a ladder and holding cash.


Kristal interviews JBL backstage who s with Jillian Hall. JBL tells Kristal she s stupid and to just stand there and look trampish like she s paid to do (I got a good chuckle). JBL s nose looks like hell, and he says he s love to take out Chris Benoit tonight but he can t because of his hand. He says that he recruited a man s man to take care of him. William Regal then comes into view and JBL gives his sinister laugh.


Mark Henry s big mug is in the camera s face again from backstage and he does another lame promo saying that since Undertaker took his manager from him, he s going to take away his precious winning streak at WM.

Referee: Charles Robinson
Rey Mysterio vs. Finlay
Rey Mysterio s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Rey s music is still playing. Finlay s music then hits and he makes his way to the ring, Shilelagh in hand.

The start:

They slowly circle each other with Finlay chasing Rey. Finlay armdrags Mysterio but Rey rolls out of it and armdrags Finlay. He lets Finlay go and Finlay tries to slap Mysterio. Finlay gets Rey in a side headlock and throws him down. Finlay then puts him in a front facelock. Finlay picks him up off the matt and shoulders him a couple times. Finlay then tosses him down, kicks him in the back, picks up Rey and press slams him. Finlay then slaps on a headlock on Rey.

Mid-match notes:

Finlay tosses Rey into the ropes and Rey gets a kick in but Finlay isn t deterred and takes down Rey again, this time slapping on a camel clutch. Rey backs into the ropes to break the hold. Finlay then forearms Rey in the corner several times, followed by a very stiff clothesline. Finlay tosses Rey into the corner but Rey goes up and over but Finlay tosses Rey out of the ring. Finlay goes after him, picks up Rey and drops his head onto the side of the ring apron. He tosses Rey back in, and goes for a pin. Near fall. Finlay tosses Rey into the corner again, but Rey dodges the charge this time and starts to make a comeback on Finlay.

Rey hits a split leg moonsault off the top rope. Near fall. Finlay comes after Rey but Rey gets him in position for the 619. Rey goes for it but Finlay leaves the ring. Rey hits a baseball slide kick on Finlay but when Rey tries a splash off the top rope, Finlay pulls the ring apron away and Rey gets crotched by it (cool spot). Rrey is then buried in the apron while Finlay kicks at him without mercy. Finlay has Rey in the ring and hits forearms to the neck of Rey. Finlay then smashes Rey s head on the edge of the ring and Rey goes to the outside.

Finlay grabs shilelagh but the ref stops him. Finlay tosses Rey back in the ring and hits a shoulderbreaker. Rrey starts to kick at Finlay from a laying down position but Finlay is able to get behind Rey and he pulls on Rey s arms while driving his knee into his back. Rey twists around and as he s about to escape, Rey hits a knee to the gut and a couple uppercuts. Rey is tossed into the ropes and gets some offence in. An exhausted Rey falls on Finlay for a pin attempt but Finlay kicks out.

The Finish:

Rey hits a crossbody, follows it up with a few of his hit and run kicks, he attempts a crucifix on Finlay but Finlay holds onto him and does a variation Samoan drop. Finlay goes for his shillelagh, and as Rey goes for the West Coast Pop off the top rope, Randy hits the ring in lightning speed and hits the RKO casually walks off as Finlay makes the cover for the win.

Winner – Finlay

Theodore Long s music hits and Long comes out holding a clipboard with a paper that clearly states contract on it. There s a table in the ring with three chairs, two on one side, one on the other. Long says he promised Booker T vs. Boogeyman at SNME but he assures everyone that this time it will happen at Mania. He asks Booker T to come out. T s music hits and he makes his way out in a suit with Sharmell in her usual get up and she s a little less hysterical and Booker is looking around to make sure Boogey can t jump him. Booker grabs a mic and asks why Teddy called him out. Long says he looks well, and that he spoke to Booker s doctors and that they say Booker is fine. Long says at WM he WILL wrestle the Boogeyman. Long tells him that he ll get him a partner. Booker says he s not going to wrestle. Booker refuses to sign. Long tells him to sign or be fired. Booker is irate, quotes his resume, says he s the best dressed wrestler and that he thinks it s ridiculous he s being asked to step in the ring with that freak. He says Sharmell is having nightmares. Booker says that at Wrestlemania he s coming to getcha. Long keeps telling him to sign. Booker says that he will protect his wife at all costs. Booker finally flips to the last page and signs. Long then tells him that his partner is Sharmell. Sharmell starts screaming and Booker overturns the table. Long bolts and does his strut up the runway.

Non Title Match
Referee: Nick Patrick
William Regal vs. Chris Benoit (c)
The music of John Bradshaw Layfield hit in the arena as his limo pulled out, and he emerged from it with Jillian Hall and William Regal, and Regal is set to face Chris Benoit in Non Title action here tonight. A lot of play by play was missed during this match, apologies.

The match:

Benoit missed a baseball slid and Regal hit an Exploder suplex on the outside of the ring. Regal then kicked Benoit's head into the steel post and hit a vertical suplex in the ring for a two count. Benoit came back with some chops, including two chops to the face. Regal applied a crossface chicken wing but Benoit countered into a Dragon Suplex. Benoit followed with the Crossface for the win.

Winner, the United States Champion, Chris Benoit
The Reality Check:

A promo aired for Mike Mizanin's Reality Check, coming soon to Smackdown.

Non Title Match
Referee: Jim Korderas
Mark Henry vs. Kurt Angle (c)
Mark Henry s music hits and he makes his way to the ring alone. His ring attire is slightly different as he s wearing black with green trim. Angle s music hits and he makes his way to the ring wearing his latest T-shirt. He hits a couple ringposts and pounds his chest.

The start:

Mark Henry and Angle are already tied up as they come back from break. Henry overpowers Angle and they tie up again. Henry tosses Angle. Angle tries to take him down by the leg and Henry just stomps and Angle flies off. Angle then runs up and they exchange punches before Henry tosses Angle into the ropes. Angle takes down Henry at the legs. Angle drops a couple elbows on Henry s leg and works it over but Henry kicks him off.

Mid-match notes:

Angle hits a couple uppercuts and Henry tosses Angle into the ropes, Henry catches him as he comes off and slams him. Henry then does his usual slow paced attack. He throws a couple punches at Angle, puts his weight on him whenever he can, forearms him on the back for a couple minutes before Angle starts to come back at him with punches but Angle hits the ropes and as he comes at Henry, Henry shoulders him down. Henry then tosses him out of the ring. Henry goes after him and headbutts him. Angle blocks and reverses a head slam into the ring steps. Angle then flies off the opposite stairs but Henry catches him and slams his back against the side of the ring.

Henry tosses Angle back into the ring and slaps on a bearhug. Angle tries to pucnh his way out but can t. Angle gets his arms on the inside and tries to throw Henry down but Henry reapplies the hold. Again, Angle tries to escape with a hiptoss but he s out of gas. Two arm drops by the ref and Angle hulks up and does the hiptoss. Henry gets up and Angle hits a few punches and an uppercut. Angle then hits an awful looking German suplex as Henry looks like he sandbagged him. Angle then picks Henry s head up off the mat and punches him repeatedly. The ref intervenes. Henry comes to and splashes both Angle and the ref. Henry pulls a fallen Angle to the middle of the ring.

The Finish:

Henry misses a splash and Angle slaps in the ankle lock. Orton clubs Angle from behind and Angle falls on top of Henry. Randy waits for Angle to get up so he can hit the RKO but Rey hits the ring and as he comes off the top rope for a West Coast Pop attempt, Orton ducks and Rey lands on Angle. Henry then comes to and tosses Rey from the ring. Henry hits the splash, the ref comes to and Henry gets the win.

Winner – Mark Henry

The Aftermath:

Orton smiles from the top of the runway. Rey gets back in the ring and goes to confront and console Angle. Angle is furious asks Rey what the hell he s doing and pushes Rey down. Angle turns to look in Orton s direction, and Orton puts his hands up as if to say I had nothing to do with it and Rey kicks Angle from behind, he s setup for the 619 and Rey hits it and leaves the ring. Orton just laughs. Rey then says Every man for himself Kurt and the show goes off the air.