Backlash Poster Spoils Mania? HHH, Booker T & More

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(Thanks to Walter Hoenisch )I just got back from the Booker T autograph signing at Popeye's Chicken in Countryside, IL. There were approximately 350 people waiting in line, in the rain, to see the 5X WCW Champ. I am proud that the WWE really had it together for this one. It started to rain about 20 minutes before the scheduled 4:30 pm start time and to accommodate as many people as possible, they started things about 15 minutes early. Booker T (sans Sharmell) was VERY nice everyone that came up to him and signed everything that was presented to him. He even took the time to share a little banter, some times in character and sometimes not, and everyone in line was allowed a picture with him, provided you had a camera with you. My son got nervous when it became our time and Booker, seeing this, joked with him that he hopes the Boogeyman will be that nervous to see him come WrestleMania. That eased his tensions right away. I also witnessed that a group of challenged children were brought to the front of the line and that Booker spend a decent amount of time talking to each child there, before the scheduled time, and almost immediately after he arrived in his limo. A class act all around!!


(Thanks to BT70Lemans) I'm a letter carrier and the other day I noticed a small WWE Backlash ad on a piece of mail (not sure what the mailing was, but it was going to an office building). The ad was a small poster image of HHH wearing jeans, no shirt, and holding arms up, with text above him saying "The king is back" and it had the April 30th date for Backlash. Like I said I m sure someone has pasted along a Backlash poster image like this, but just incase I wanted to let you guys know.

(Thanks to Basil Mahmud) On Thursday I went to go see HHH at tower Records. I got off at work at 5 that day and went to tower records (thank god I its only 2 min away from work) and everyone in line was really cool, we held each others place in line while we got food or went to the bathroom, and there was a lot of Triple H fans in the area to see him (about 400), and he was supposed to be there at 7, to my surprise he was there ten min. early! As I almost got to the door the WWE cameras were doing interviews. It was so cool, after the interview I signed a waiver (Vince now owns me). By the time I got inside he was signing his book (and only his book, not a big deal (I already had one). He was really cool with everyone, when I got to see him he said hello, and offered to shake my hand. I asked how he and Steph were doing and he had no problem with the question and said they were fine, not having a problem talking about it either. As I left I said I hope you kick Cena's @$$ and he looked back at me and said thanks. And then I left. Overall it was a very good experience and the weather was great. It was my 3rd signing.