Backstage Heat On Joey Styles, J.R./WWE, & More

The PWTorch Newsletter reports that Jim Ross worked very closely with Joey Styles while they were at WrestleMania 22. J.R. spent a large amount of time working with Styles backstage, and was noticed by several others as being the closest that J.R. has ever worked with anyone.

Apparently Joey got some heat on him from Mick Foley when he missed the low blow that Lita gave Foley and called it wrong, because he was looking down at his notes for the match. This was one of the things that J.R. worked with Style on, trying to get him to shorten his notes for going on the air. Mike Tenay is also known for having lots of notes.

Joey also got some heat on him from management, when he was overheard saying that he wanted to call the hardcore match at WrestleMania 22 by himself, since that s the way he did it in ECW. Somebody heard this and ran back to upper management to tell them about it, however nothing really became of it.

Vince is said to be more confident in Styles abilities now, than he was when he first joined the company.