Big ECW News: Live Special, Timeslot Update, ECW Arena Return?

- The USA Network has the 6/7 9PM-11PM ET timeslot listed as "To Be Announced" right now. As reported earlier, WWE is scheduled to have a WWE vs. ECW Head to Head Special taping in Dayton, OH that night. The show will air live on 6/7.


- Interestingly enough, the Saturday 2AM replay of AM RAW timeslot is being listed as "To Be Announced" for the entire month of June. Many have speculated that WWE might put an ECW show in that timeslot.

- WWE is in negotiations to book the former ECW Arena for a show on 6/24 in Philadelphia, PA. ECW made the former bingo hall famous in the 90s and it became the home of the promotion. The last ECW show held in the arena was on December 23rd, 2000. TNA has already booked the ECW Arena for a show on 6/9 titled "Hardcore War."