Bob Holly's Health, Batista's Return, Stacy, Lesnar vs. WWE, & More has an interview online with Bob Holly talking about his health and medical ordeal that he has been through. As I reported here on the site, his problems started with an infection in his arm that never fully heeled where things eventually escalated to a situation where it was life threatening. Holly is still in jeopardy of losing his arm. Doctors have prescribed strong IV antibiotics and are administering them on a daily basis for the next three weeks. Holly s condition remains extremely serious and we certainly wish him the best in a full recovery.

Batista will make a very rare independent appearance with Maryland Championship Wrestling at their Xtreme Measures show on Sunday, May 7th. The former champion will join Diamond Dallas Page, Spike Dudley, Kanyon, Chris Sabin, amongst others. For those wondering on Batista s injury status, he said to be close to retuning to action in WWE.

It is interesting to note that Stacy Keibler is being advertised in The Belfast Telegraph as to making an appearance at Easons today to sign copies of Divas Uncovered. Other divas slated to appear include Candice Michelle, Torrie Wilson, Crystal, and Jillian Hall. From what we know, Stacy is prepared to let her WWE contract expire this summer to leave the wrestling business to pursue other opportunities. It will definitely be interesting to see if Keibler makes today s WWE appearance.

From World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. and former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar have mutually agreed to settle a lawsuit that has been pending over the past year in the United States District Court for the District of Connecticut. Lesnar, who originally filed the lawsuit against WWE in February 2005 asking the court to declare his non-competition agreement unenforceable, has decided not to discuss the details of the settlement agreement due to its confidentiality. WWE is very pleased with the outcome of the litigation, and believes that the settlement agreement appropriately protects WWE's substantial investment in Brock Lesnar's wrestling character.