Booker T/Sharmell, WrestleMania, Carlito, & More

Booker T, Sharmell and Randy Orton were on WGN-TV News earlier today to get people ready for Wrestlemania. Booker and Sharmell were both in character talking about The Boogeyman. There is no word yet on what Randy Orton discussed.


At the Wrestlemania press conference, Booker T threatened everyone with legal action if his wife Sharmell gets hurt during their match with The Boogeyman at Wrestlemania.

Carlito, who only seems to do interview requests in character, answered fans' questions for the U.K.'s Sky Sports website.,,1-1215397,00.html to read his mostly in character responses to the fans' questions.

This weekend's edition of WWE Heat is online on Chavo Guerrero goes one-one-one with Rob Conway, Lance Cade wrestles indy wrestler Ace Steele, and Goldust takes on Snitsky in the main event.