Breaking News: Sabu Signs With WWE

Terry Brunk better known as Sabu has officially signed a WWE contract last night.

Sabu was currently working for TNA Wrestling and is better known for his appearances with ECW in the 1990 s.

The contract which Sabu signed with WWE will last for one year with an option to renew the contract at the end of the year s deal.

This near enough confirms that Sabu will be appearing at the ECW One Night Stand II this year. More details will be available soon. Sabu s website can be reached at

Sabu's agent Corey Phillips would also like to express that they are many former WWE/WCW/TNA/ and ECW talent that are available for bookings. To contact Corey about whom he represents and the details you can call him at: 270-846-7138 or email him at: