Carlito, DX, Candice Michelle & More


"The Great Khali" has been trademarked by WWE.

Carlito's new theme music will actually be done by a musician by the name of Kaballon, not Tego Calder?n (no relation to former MLB player Ivan Calder?n) like it was originally reported. It will be called "Quien Soy Yo", which in English means, "Who I Am." The theme song will be available to listen to on the WWE's next music release, "Wreckless Intent."

A D-Generation X t-shirt is available at a psuedo-punk/goth clothing boutique chain by the name of "Hot Topic." "Hot Topic" is a small clothing store situated in an enclosed shopping complex (mall) for individuals who seek "alternative attire." The t-shirt is also available on the company's official website.

Matt Cappotelli and his girlfriend recently went to Hawaii and got married.

Candice Michelle and make for the perfect couple, financially speaking that is. Candice Michelle's notoriety has skyrocketed since she became involved with in 2005. And owner Bob Parsons estimates that he's received more than $11 million in free advertising during and following the 2005 Super Bowl commercial.