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WWE.com has posted the latest edition of "Five Questions" with John Cena.

On Thursday on WWE.com, there was a photo of JBL carrying around one of the tag team title belts for some reason. The picture was taken off the site.

A number of movie websites have picked up the story on Steve Austin's film starting pre-production in Australia.

At the Hall of Fame ceremony, Bret Hart had some fun in getting back at Hulk Hogan for some things he said about him in the past. When Bret came out for his induction, Hogan offered to shake his hand, however, Bret ignored him. Several things have gone down between Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan since 1993. In 1993, Hulk Hogan wasn't in favor of dropping his title to Bret Hart. Although, Hart was always in awe of "The Hulkster" because he was a big star at the time, whereas Bret was just a guy climbing the ladder. Even in WCW, Bret didn't want to believe that Hogan was sabotaging his status in the company despite several warnings from people. However, what put Bret over the edge is when he saw Hulk Hogan's comments for the Bret Hart DVD, which were taped last summer (they were edited out when Bret came on board for the project). The original title of the DVD was going to be called "Screwed." Hart then realized what people were telling him about Hogan in WCW were truer than he wanted to believe.